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Postby Prasanth » Thu Oct 24, 2013 6:31 am

iCAR : an Integrated Cellular and Ad-hoc Relaying System

A purely cellular or purely Ad-hoc network will not be scalable, nor versatile enough. The integrated architecture can efficiently balance the traffic load dynamically, thus reduce the call blocking /hand-off dropping probability, and increase the effective capacity of a system.

Other benefits include shadow coverage, fault tolerance and reduced transmission power and/or increased transmission rate. The maximum number of relay stations needed so as to ensure that a relaying route can be established between any BTS and an MH located any where in the cell.With fewer ARS’s, relaying can still be effective. Some can be seeds (placed at each pair of shared edges), and others can grow from them (placed nearby).

Number of Seed ARSs

For a fix coverage area, the system with fewer UN-SHARED edges needs more seed ARSs. The max number is obtained by considering a circle area and count the number of shared edges.

Quality of Coverage

The quality of ARS coverage (Q) is defined to be the relay-able traffic in an iCAR system.
The Q value depends on the traffic intensity, the cell size, the ARS size, the system topology, etc.
The higher the Q value, the better the ARS placement
The Q value is not always proportional to the ARS coverage.

Future Work

Mobility Tracking

With the help of GPS, we can keep track of the position of MHs and ARSs, so that we can move the ARSs to the best positions.

ARS Management/Moving

With the movement of ARSs, issues such as route reestablishment, etc., need to be addressed.
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Re: iCAR

Postby arunk6411 » Sun Jun 28, 2015 5:40 am

i need complete documentation in word or pdf
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