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Postby Prasanth » Thu Jan 02, 2014 6:29 pm

Purpose Of The Seminar

This Seminar has been developed in an attempt to provide an objective introduction to the issues of E-Voting surrounding the introduction of information technologies into the voting process. Voters’ trust in elections comes from a combination of the Mechanisms and procedures we use to record and tally votes. In this seminar I am going to present the various Electronic voting Method like voting by kiosk, Internet, telephone, punch card, and optical scan ballot, Proms and Cons of all voting types. I have also described how the evolution of various voting machines has been carried out in last 100 eras. There is a discussion on some of the problem found in e-voting machine like Florida’s butterfly ballots design problem. As the new problem known to the people, what is a reaction of the people toward this voting process? Like I have discussed some the well-known issues like Voter Verifiable result, Mercuri Method, Ballot Design Issues and etc.. At the end I have illustrated IEEE performance standard for voting machine.


This section is mainly concern of the discussion of the definition of the Voting, Structure of Vote, and Importance of the Voting. The Subsequent Section discuss procedure for E-Voting with the specific need of the Voting Machine.

This is what the public does to choose the politician they want to run their area or country. Only those over 18 can vote at present

Structure of Votes

The structure of votes depends on the type of Elections. More precisely, It depends on the question that is put forward to voters in the election and Possible answers.

Voting importance

Voting is one of the most critical features in our democratic process. By casting a vote we hold previous politicians to account and express our hopes for the future. Of course democracy is more than votes - it's debate, letter writing, campaigning, consultation - but the vote is how every single citizen can wield real and immediate power. In addition to providing for the orderly transfer of power, it also cements the citizen’s trust and confidence in an organization or government when it operates efficiently. It's incredibly important that everyone can vote without interference, safe in the knowledge that it will be counted. Through the long history of democracy we have learnt that in the pursuit of power some groups are willing to threaten voters to make sure they vote 'the right way'. But if the vote is secret then there is no way for intimidators to know whether someone has voted for them or not - threats become useless. So votes are a vital expression of the people's power, which need to be secret and restricted to only one per citizen.


Electronic voting is a term used to describe any of several means of determining people's collective intent electronically. Electronic voting includes voting by kiosk, Internet, telephone, punch card, and optical scan ballot (a.k.a. mark-sense). Voting is done for many reasons and in many situations, ranging from determining the next garden club officers to determining the next leader of a country. Depending on the situation, a voting scheme will be required to meet differing needs depending on the circumstances. One hopes that in this way the voting process becomes faster, cheaper, more convenient, and also more secure.

Requirements in E-Voting

A voting system should satisfy these requirements:
• Eligibility and authentication – only registered voters must be admitted.
• Uniqueness – no voter may cast his vote more than once.
• Accuracy – voting systems should record the votes correctly.
• Verifiability and audit ability – it should be possible to verify that all votes have been correctly accounted for in the final tally, and there should be reliable and verifiably authentic election records.
• Secrecy – no one should be able to determine how any individual voted.
• Non-coerciability – voters should not be able to prove to others how they voted; otherwise vote selling and coercion would be facilitated.
• Minimum skill requirement for voter
• Minimal requirement of equipment
• Minimum Time required for vote
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Re: E-Voting

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Re: E-Voting

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