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Computer Viruses

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Computer Viruses

Postby holla9964 » Wed Feb 22, 2012 4:21 pm

please can you send report and ppt for this topic..
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Re: Computer Viruses

Postby Prasanth » Thu Feb 23, 2012 5:31 pm

Computer viruses are destructive programs that have a potential of corrupting a sys¬tem on a large scale if an efficient and up to date security system is not used to take care of the computer. Viruses open a wide range of limitless ways of affecting com¬puter systems. The techniques involved in writing a virus are always evolving with newer characteristics employed to damage systems in different ways. New viruses appear every day. Some experts say that the growth of new viruses is exponential while some say that its quadratic. However virus making is a challenging task which requires a good knowledge of programming skills on system level. Generally high-level languages do not prove efficient in making viruses as they depend heavily on many assumptions, so mostly assembly language is used for creating viruses. Protection against viruses has become an ever-continuing struggle due to the develop¬ments in virus making. Manual use of a system to detect viruses is almost impossible now and antivirus softwares have become a must to secure the systems. These soft¬wares depend heavily on the past records of the viruses and generally look for the similar definitions.

Though viruses pose a big threat to computer world, they give us a better under-standing of computer systems. It is not always necessary that viruses must be created for destruction; they can also be created to study the prospects of a better future of computer security

Computer Viruses are widely known as evil programs that are meant to corrupt the peaceful environment of a computer. Actually a computer virus is a piece of programming code that alters the way your computer works without your knowledge or permission. They are often designed to replicate and spread quickly to other computer users. Com¬puter Viruses do not generate by themselves. They must be written by someone and with a specific purpose. A virus starts infecting another program, boot sector or document by attaching itself to that medium such that when an infected file is opened, the hidden virus is also executed, often in the background. Generally viruses cant move on to other computers by themselves. They must be passed on via infected email attachments, pro¬grams on disks or shared files
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