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computer clothing abstract

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computer clothing abstract

Postby poorniram » Thu Jan 19, 2012 3:48 am

sir i m interested in computer clothing plz send abstract report,ppt ,pdf for the same topic.
sir, plz soon
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Re: computer clothing abstract

Postby Prasanth » Thu Jan 19, 2012 2:41 pm

Existential technology means the computer is controlled by the wearer. This control need not require continuous thought, but the locus of control must be such that it is entirely within the wearer’s domain. The user must also potentially know the functionality of the apparatus. Furthermore, the apparatus provides the wearer with the ability to make its operation secure and completely private when desired. In addition to the obvious privacy afforded and eudaemonic nature, the output can be made private when desired by.

As with all clothes computerized apparel starts with the proper thread. Cotton, polyester or rayon don’t have the needed properties to carry the electrical current needed for digital clothing. However, metallic yarns are not new to the clothing industry. We have seen these metallic fabrics worn to make fashion statements for years. Researchers at MIT’s Media Lab are using silk organza, a unique fabric that has been used to make clothes in India at least a century.

Silk organza is ideal for computerized clothing because it is made with two fibers that make it conductive to electricity. The first fiber is an ordinary silk thread , running in the opposite direction of the fiber is silk thread that is wrapped in a thin copper foil. It’s this copper foil that gives the silk organza the ability to conduct electricity. Copper is a very good conductor of electricity and some microprocessor manufactures are beginning to use copper to speed up microprocessors.

The metallic yarn is prepared just like cloth core telephone wire, according to the MIT researchers. If you cut open a coiled telephone cable, there’s usually a conductor that is made out of a sheet of copper wrapped round a core of nylon or polyester threads. These metallic yarn can withstand high temperatures, the yarn can be sewn or embroidered using industrial machinery. This property makes it very promising for mass producing computerized clothing.
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