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Capability and Maturity Model Integration

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Capability and Maturity Model Integration

Postby Prasanth » Sat Oct 12, 2013 7:12 am


Many of the CMM models previously being used are all diversified and lack common terms. Each business organization has a model specified for it suiting its needs and there is no generality. Due to this much of the capital is used for training purpose as every time a new model is being implemented. This document provides information about the integraed CMM model which can be implemented by every business organization performing some minor additions based on their needs.


The main aim of the business organizations is to deliver the products at a faster and cheaper rates. A single company cant develop all the components. Some components are built in and some are brought from market. Companies need to manage this complex process. Effective management skills are required for the business success. Many maturity models are available today that help in the process development. But they focus on a specific part of the business and do not give a general approach.

Capability Maturity Model Integration(CMMI) eliminates the barriers and gives a generalized approach for the process development to all the business organizations. It addresses practices that cover the product life cycle from conception through delivery and maintenance. It provides a way to do things better.

3.Evolution of CMM

Since 1991 CMMs have been developed for various fields. Some of them are for software engineering, system engineering, work force management and development. These models were very helpful to the organizations initially, but their diversified nature soon created a problem. Also as there are multiple models the cost required for training and improvement was also very high.


The CMM integration was developed to tackle with the problems that aroused by using multiple CMM models. The CMMI product team combined the three source models i.e
the capability maturity model for software, system engineering capability model, integrated product development capability model. Using the information fro these wide spread models as the source models the CMMI team developed an integrated model. This integrated model is flexible enough to support various disciplines.


CMMI enables you to obtain process improvement using two different representations.

5.1 Continuous Representation.
5.2 Staged Representation.

Continuous Representation:

An organization with more knowledge of its own business objectives have a better idea of the processes. Now the organization can choose to improve that particular process or processes that are closely aligned. The continuous representation allows an organization to improve different processes at different rates.

There are six capability levels.


5.Quantitatively managed
6. Optimizing

Capability levels are cumulative, i.e., a higher capability level includes the attributes of the lower levels.Staged Representation: It offers a systematic, structured way to achieve processes improvement one stage at a time. It has a predefined path that needed to be followed to achive overall improvement. This improvement path is characterized by maturity levels.There are five maturity levels.Each level is a layer in the foundation for continuous process improvement using a proven sequence of improvements, beginning with basic management practices and progressing through a predefined and proven path of successive levels.

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