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Another list of Chemical Engineering Seminar Topics

Access the latest Chemical Engg Seminar Topics, Reports and PPT

Another list of Chemical Engineering Seminar Topics

Postby Prasanth » Thu Dec 29, 2011 6:47 pm

1. The Shell Energy Scenarios to 2050
2. Time -Frequency Analysis of Closed Loop System Performance
3. Role of abrasives in high selectivity STI CMP slurries
4. Imaging and Statistics of Dense Granular Flow
5. Experimental and Numerical Characterization of Sodium Pool Fire
6. Development of Cost Effective Schemes for Design and Control of PEM Fuel Cell System
7. Microwave Heating of Oil-Water Emulsions: Role of Metallic and Composite Supports.
8. Modelling,visualization and mechanistic studies of flow induced by acoustic fields
9. Electochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) for kinetics evaluation of copper dissolution
10. Meso-Patterning of Thin Polymer films: Harnessing the Instabilities in Bilayers and Single Layers
11. Magnetically-Enhanced Separations for Chemical, Environmental and Biopharmaceutical Processing
12. The Effect of hydrogen peroxide on Polishing Removal Rate in CMP with Various Abrasives
13. Quantitative approaches to diagnosis of poor control loop performance
14. Hydro dynamics of single phase and two phase flows in microchannels and applications
15. Nanowire based materials for solar energy conversion and storage applications
16. Signaling pathways in Stem Cell differentiation
17. Diffusion in and thermodynamics of multicomponent polymer solvent systems
18. Modeling of drying of foods
19. Genome scale metabolic reconstruction
20. Statistical design of experiments for fermentation optimization

Taken from IIT Madras.

21. Monitoring and Control of Water Distribution Networks
22. Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) of STI and Cu Interconnects in microelectronics fabrication
23. Challenges in the multiscale modelling approach for Fuel Cells
24. Studies on Dense Gas Dispersion for Indoor Risk Assessment
25. Modeling and Nonlinear analysis of Chemical and Biological Reactor-Separator systems
26. Studies on Photocatalytic Degradation of Phenol
27. Technical challenges in leading edge semiconductor technology development
28. Symbiosis between bioenergy and the environment: Potential Canada-India partnerships
29. Microfluidic Methods for the Synthesis of Complex Polymeric Particles
30. Geometrical Aspects of Macromolecular Adsorption
31. Study of the flow of and deposition from turbidity currents
32. Mixed-Feed Direct Methanol Fuel Cells: Materials and Design Solutions
33. Free volume studies in polyvinyl alcohol, polyacrylamide and their blends
34. Coal Beneficiation - Selection of Process and various equipment
35. Industrial Accidents: Occurrence and prevention
36. Natural and Fabricated NanoBiomaterials
37. Lifecycle Energy and Environmental Consequences of the U.S.A.'s Proposed new "Ethanol Economy"
38. Reactive Extrusion of Poly (L-Lactic Acid) with Glycidol
39. Materials Challenges in PEM Fuel Cells Operated at Elevated Temperatures
40. Cracking of natural gas into hydrogen and carbon using concentrated solar energy
41. In Silico design of drug formulation for Dry Powder Inhalers: Issues and Challenges
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