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Postby Prasanth » Thu Dec 29, 2011 6:25 pm

A complete Air Quality Management Strategy (AQMS) system contains modules for Air Quality Assessment, Abatement Measure Assessment, Cost/benefit analyses and Optimum Abatement Strategy identification. Norwegian institute for Air Research, NILU, has developed professional management software for such work, AirQUIS. AirQUIS represents a main tool for establishing and integrating the different components of the AQMS. The system has been established and operated in more than 20 cities and urbanareas world-wide. It received the European IT prize in 1998, and is being further developed and improved for a variety of applications.

Main objective

A main objective of the modern environmental management system is to enable direct dataand information transfer and obtain a remote quality control of the data collection. The system must:
• Provide information on how much pollution the population is exposed to,
• Establish a basis for strategies to reduce pollution,
• Estimate environmental impacts from present and future developments.

The AirQUIS technologies are now being used in environmental management to support integrated pollution prevention and control. It can also be part of an emergency management system to support actions and crisis management during emergencies and accidents of various kinds.The environmental information system will have to combine the latest sensor and monitor technologies with data acquisition; data base developments, quality assurance, statistical and numerical models and advanced computer platforms for data processing, as well as distribution and dissemination of data and model results.

The AirQUIS components

AirQUIS consists of six components and makes use of an Oracle database. The system has integrated forms and maps developed in VisualBasic and MapObject (GIS):
• A manual data entering application,
• An on line monitoring system,
• A module for online data acquisition and quality control,
• A measurement data base for meteorology and air quality,
• A modern emission inventory data base with emission models,
• Numerical models for transport and dispersion in air of pollutants,
• A module for exposure estimates and population exposure assessment,
• Statistical treatment and graphical presentation of measurements and modelling results
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