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Postby Prasanth » Thu Aug 11, 2011 7:00 pm

In this age of high speed communications it has become quite necessary for a person to stay connected to internet where ever and whenever possible. To fulfill these needs of the people, WAP is being used. Using this technology, web pages can be viewed in simple hand-held, WAP enabled devices. This is made possible by using various communication architectures like GSM, CDMA etc. Recently a new standard for Wireless Internet called 1xEV-DO, has been adopted which is being billed as the basis for the next generation high-speed wireless internet access systems. In this paper we briefly introduce the working of a typical WAP enabled system and later investigate as to how the recently adopted 1xEV-DO outperforms the existing architectures. We also study its compatibility with different operating systems and its efficient utilization of the bandwidth with minimum spectrum usage.Millions of people around the world use the Internet every day -- to communicate with others, follow the stock market, keep up with the news, check the weather, shop, entertain themselves and also to learn. Staying connected has become so important that it's hard to get away from our computer and our Internet connection because we might miss an e-mail message or any news we need to know. With the world’s business and people’s personal lives growing more dependent on communication over the Internet, we must be ready to take the next step and get a device that allows us to access the Internet on the go.
That's where Wireless Internet comes in. This revolution has coincided with the cellular boom in the last few years. The expanding network of digital cellular and personal communication services (PCS) has created a solid foundation for wireless Internet services.
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