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Biometric Voting System

Published on Apr 02, 2024


Biometrics is the term given to the use of biological traits or behavioral characteristics to identify an individual. The traits may be fingerprints, hand geometry, facial geometry, retina patterns, voice recognition, and handwriting recognition .

In Biometric Voting System paper we have used thumb impression for the purpose of voter identification or authentication. As the thumb impression of every individual is unique, it helps in maximizing the accuracy. A database is created containing the thumb impressions of all the voters in the constituency. Illegal votes and repetition of votes is checked for in this system. Hence if this system is employed theelections would be fair and free from rigging. Thanks to this system that conducting elections would no longer be a tedious and expensive job.

DESIGN of Biometric Voting System

The design of the Biometric Voting System consists of the following important parameters

1. Scanning- using DSP Processor

2. Searching- based on the principle of GOOGLE SEARCH

3. Networking- all the election booths are connected in a network

4. Data transfer- using telephone lines ..

The only pre-requisite for the use of this finger print scanner is a personal identification card. We hope that this system proves to be efficient and enables the people to be smarter in choosing their leaders.


The finger print scanner of Biometric Voting System consists of the following parts:

1. FINGER PRINT SENSOR: This is used to scan the thumb impression. The data obtained from this is analog in nature. This is transferred to the A/D converter for further processing.

2. A/D CONVERTER: This is used to convert the analog data from the SENSOR into the digital data and transfer it to the processor.

3. FLASH ROM: This is for the storage of the data temporarily in the DSP processor. This will work until the data is transferred to the main memory of the HOST.

4. DSP CHIP: This is used to receive the data and process it. This is connected to the USB port for further transfer of the data.

5. USB PORT : The sole purpose of the USB port is to establish a communication link between the DSP processor and the MEMORY (DATABASE).


Biometric Voting System

The next step in the process is the extraction of the thumb impression from the memory. The features of the finger print are stored in the form of pixels. This is further sent for pattern matching where the finger print is then compared with the records in the database. If the pattern matches with any one of he records then the vote is accepted. If the feature doesn't match with any one of the finger prints stored in the data base then the vote is rejected

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