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PPT : Bluetooth Network Security Seminar with Free Download

Published on Nov 30, 2023


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Bluetooth Network Security

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==> The modern age technology has many advantages and disadvantages.

==> The use of technology depends on the nature of the user, hence the scientists and engineers developed the devices and equipments as safe as possible for all.

==> This report includes the security threats and mindset behind the misuse of Bluetooth.

==> The introductory part of report told about the possible threats of wireless networking.

==> The basic knowledge about the Bluetooth is summarized in further pages.

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Bluetooth Networks

==> Point to Point Link

==> Piconet Network

==> Ad-hoc or Scatternet Network

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Bluetooth Architecture

==> Figure

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Security Modes In Bluetooth

==> Mode 1: Non-secure.

==> Mode 2: Service level security

Trusted device.
Un-trusted devices.
Unknown devices.

==> Mode 3: Link level.

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Establishing A Connection

==> The authentication process takes place only when a request to a service submitted.

==> The authentication process is summarized as; first, a connection request to L2CAP, and L2CAP request access from the security manager.

==> Then, the security manager looks in service and device DBs to determine if an authentication and encryption is needed or not.

==> After granting the access by the security manager L2CAP continue to set up a connection.

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Attack Tools & Programs

==> Hardware Used: Dell XPS, Nokia N95, Nokia 6150, Hp IPAQ HX2790b.

==>Operating Systems: Ubuntu, Backtrack, Windows Vista, Symbian OS, windows mobile.

==>Software used: Bluebugger, Bluediving, Bluescanner, Bluesnarfer, BTscanner, Redfang, Blooover2, Ftp_bt.

==>Dell laptop with windows vista to be broken into and for scanning then with Linux to attempt attacks.

==>Pocket pc for being attacked, and one mobile for attacking one for being attacked.

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==> The standard security method for Bluetooth is to simple have the device hidden or turned off and many devices require user input for any incoming message or connection.

==> This is surprisingly effective as when a device requires authentication for even a vcard it is difficult to find a way in without an unsecured channel.

==> The biggest security risk seems to be the users themselves several attacks succeeded simple because the users accepted the incoming connection

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