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Zero Pollution Motors Air Powered Cars

Published on Apr 02, 2024


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Air Powered Cars

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==> This seminar is to explain the working of air powered cars.

==> These type of cars will run on compressed air instead of gasoline .

==> The car is powered by a two cylinder compressed air engine.

==> The air powered car is also called as a low pollution or zero pollution cars.

==> Since the car runs on compressed air it is environmentally friendly .

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Vehicle Parts

==> Compressed air tanks

==> Brake power recovery

==> The body

==> The Air Filter

==> The chassis

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Technology Description

==> Figure

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Process Description

==> The first piston takes in ambient air and compresses it to approximately 300 psi and 200*f in the compression chamber during the first cycle of the engine

==> When the piston pause, a small amount of compressed air from the tanks is released into the expansion chamber to create a low pressured, low temperature volume of about 140psi

==> Shortly before the valve to the exhaust cylinder is opened, a high-speed shutter connects the compression and expansion chambers.

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==> Air powered cars run on compressed air instead of gasoline.

==> Since the car is working on air there is no pollution. A two cylinder, compressed air engine, powers the car.

==> The engine can run either on compressed air alone or act as an internal combustion engine.

==> Compressed air is stored in fiber or glass fiber tanks at a pressure of 4351 pounds per square inch.

==> The air is fed through an air injector to the engine and flows into a small chamber, which expands the air.

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Basic Principles of Compressed Air Technology Engine

==> The engine has four stage pistons that are 8 compression and or expansion chambers.

They have two functions
==> To compress ambient air
==> To make successive expansions thereby approaching isothermic expansion.

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Cryogenic Heat Engine

==> There are five components to the LN2000 engine

==> A 24-gallon stainless steel tank

==> A pump that moves the liquid nitrogen to the economizer

==> An economizer that heats the liquid nitrogen with leftover exhaust heat

==> A heat exchanger that boils the liquid nitrogen, creating a high pressure gas

==> An expander, which converts nitrogen's energy into usable power

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==> In this seminar I have presented the working of air powered cars.

==> Air powered cars is a realization of latest technology in automobile field.

==> It eliminates the use of non-renewable fuels like gasoline, diesel petrol etc, and Thereby preventing pollution caused by millions of automobiles all over the world.

==> This could be the future of automobiles and step to a healthier environment

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