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Published on Apr 02, 2024

Top Persuasive Funny Speech Topic Samples

Should there be a censor board for the internet?

Should there be a ban on using animals for testing chemicals and drugs?

Should there be a ban on beauty contests?

Should capital punishment be abolished?

Should gay marriages be legalized?

Is there an alternative for prison?

Should working women be given special privileges?

Is dieting harmful?

Should the gun laws be severed?

Should mothers stay at home?

Is juvenile sentence right or wrong?

Should gambling be regulated?

Is the current tax system unfair?

Should wearing helmets be made compulsory?

Should all citizens be covered by health insurance?

Should hunting be made illegal?

Should sportsmen be allowed to use steroids?

Should wearing fur banned?

Should students have to wear school uniform?

Should student's lockers be checked?

Does television have a positive influence on students?

Should sex education be given in school?

Should exams be replaced by other forms of testing performance?

Is internet dating harmful?

Should cell phones be allowed in school?

Should the minimum wage be changed for adolescents or teenagers?

Should teachers be paid on the basis of performance?

Should prostitution be made legal?

Should euthanasia be legalized?

Should college students go for mandatory drug-tests?

Should body piercing be banned?

Should smoking in public be banned?

Should there be a facility for bilingual education?

Should curfews be imposed on college students?

Should finance education be made mandatory?

Should porn be banned? 

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