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Published on Feb 21, 2020


Tripwire is a reliable intrusion detection system. It is a software tool that checks to see what has changed in your system. It mainly monitors the key attribute of your files, by key attribute we mean the binary signature, size and other related data.

Security and operational stability must go hand in hand, if the user does not have control over the various operations taking place then naturally the security of the system is also compromised. Tripwire has a powerful feature which pinpoints the changes that has taken place, notifies the administrator of these changes, determines the nature of the changes and provide you with information you need for deciding how to manage the change.

Tripwire Integrity management solutions monitor changes to vital system and configuration files. Any changes that occur are compared to a snapshot of the established good baseline. The software detects the changes, notifies the staff and enables rapid recovery and remedy for changes. All Tripwire installation can be centrally managed. Tripwire software's cross platform functionality enables you to manage thousands of devices across your infrastructure.

Security not only means protecting your system against various attacks but also means taking quick and decisive actions when your system is attacked. First of all we must find out whether our system is attacked or not, earlier system logs were certainly handy. You can see evidences of password guessing and other suspicious activities. Logs are ideal for tracing steps of the cracker as he tries to penetrate into the system. But who has the time and the patience to examine the logs on a daily basis?

Penetration usually involves a change of some kind, like a new port has been opened or a new service. The most common change you can see is that a file has changed. If you can identify the key subsets of these files and monitor them on a daily basis, then we will be able to detect whether any intrusion took place. Tripwire is an open source program created to monitor the changes in a key subset of files identified by the user and report on any changes in any of those files. When changes made are detected, the system administrator is informed. Tripwire 's principle is very simple, the system administrator identifies key files and causes tripwire to record checksum for those files.

He also puts in place a cron job, whose job is to scan those files at regular intervals (daily or more frequently), comparing to the original checksum. Any changes, addition or deletion, are reported to the administrator. The administrator will be able to determine whether the changes were permitted or unauthorized changes. If it was the earlier case the n the database will be updated so that in future the same violation wouldn't be repeated. In the latter case then proper recovery action would be taken immediately.

Tripwire For Servers

Tripwire for Servers is a software that is exclusively used by servers. This software can be installed on any server that needs to be monitored for any changes. Typical servers include mail servers, web servers, firewalls, transaction server, development server etc,

Any server where it is imperative to identity if and when a file system change has occurred should b monitored with tripwire for servers. For the tripwire for servers software to work two important things should be present - the policy file and the database.

The tripwire for Servers software conducts subsequent file checks, automatically comparing the state of the system with the baseline database. Any inconsistencies are reported to the Tripwire Manager and to the host system log file. Reports can also be emailed to an administrator. If a violation is an authorized change, a user can update the database so changes no longer show up as violations.

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