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Ethernet Passive Optical Networks

Published on Feb 21, 2020


Ethernet passive optical networks (EPON) are an emerging access network technology that provides a low-cost method of deploying optical access lines between a carrier's central office (CO) and a customer site.

EPONs build on the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) standard G.983 for asynchronous transfer mode PONs (APON) and seek to bring to life the dream of a full-services access network (FSAN) that delivers converged data, video, and voice over a single optical access system.

The communications industry is on the cusp of a revolution that will transform the landscape. This revolution is characterized by three fundamental drivers. First, deregulation has opened the local loop to competition, launching a whole new class of carriers that are spending billions to build out their networks and develop innovative new services.

Second, the rapid decline in the cost of fiber optics and Ethernet equipment is beginning to make them an attractive option in the access network. Third, the Internet has spawned genuine demand for broadband services, leading to unprecedented growth in Internet protocol (IP) data traffic and putting pressure on carriers to upgrade their networks.

These drivers are, in turn, promoting two new key market trends. First, deployment of fiber optics is extending from the backbone to the wide-area network (WAN) and the metropolitan-area network (MAN) and will soon penetrate into the local loop. Second, Ethernet is spreading from the local-area network (LAN) to the MAN and the WAN as the uncontested standard

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