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With number of people using mobile phones is on the increase, it has become a need to provide the users with all the utilities available on the Internet on to their mobiles. One of such facility is maintaining a video gallery. People have been using it through use of Internet and a Web Portal (such as www.Youtube.com). Users of such web portal are restricted to use it through the desktops or Laptops with an Internet facility. Such web portals need to have interface for the mobile users in order to have this facility to be used via a mobile with GPRS connectivity.

Many such web portals are enhancing towards this, to capture most of mobile users as their customers. As per current market figures, which shows that around 70% of world’s smart phone market has been captured by Symbian OS phones. So if such web portals want to have many mobile customers then there is need to have support given to Symbian OS phones. To have this, the web portal will require the interface to mobile phones and a add-on software to be installed on mobile phones. This software will interact with web portal on behalf of the user.

For example, let us take into consideration of a person who is on the move and has an important event going on which he want to capture in video. Using the mobile gallery software on his mobile he can immediately record the video, upload to the web portal in his gallery. At later point of time he can download and watch that video on his mobile again using the mobile gallery software.


Mobile video gallery software can do below:
• Record video
• Preview recorded video
• Upload video to Gallery
• Download video from Gallery and Play Video


Anytime, anywhere video: Earlier people have to record the video first(whether on mobile or in video camera), download it to PC and using internet upload it to the gallery. Now life is made easy, just with the mobile gallery software on mobile, record the video and right away upload it to gallery via GPRS connectivity.

No restriction on memory on mobile: as the storage of recorded videos is not on the mobile of the user but in the gallery on web portal, there is no restriction put on the memory available on the mobile. Any user having mobile with limited memory can deal with thousands of videos.

Easy maintenance of video files: Video files will be maintained in database in web gallery. This makes user’s life easy as now he don’t have to worry about where in mobile the files are stored, Or if anyone has deleted it etc.

Increase the Customer base for the Portal: Build on existing customer relationships to improve productivity and maximize customer loyalty. Boost customer retention. Make sure your existing customers are satisfied.

Focus on core competencies: No more concerns about promoting your brand as your existing customers will get you more new customers.

Technologies Used:


Programming Language C++, Symbian OS (Mobile Operating System), XML

Hardware Requirements:

Any Mobile Handset having Symbian OS 7.0, Series 60 With GPRS enabled in it.


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