Distributed Computing For E-Learing



Distributed computing promises a standard, 'complete' set of grid computing capabilities. distributed computing must provide basic functions such as resource discovery and information collection & publishing, data management on and between resources, process management on and between resources, common security mechanism underlying the above, process and session recording/accounting. Main advantage of Grid computing is, a network of distributed resources including computers, peripherals, switches, instruments, and data. Each user should have a single login account to access all resources.

We start by analyzing the nature of Grid computing and its requirements for knowledge support; then, we discuss knowledge characteristics and the challenges for knowledge management on the Grid. Here we provide semantic based grid based applications for e-learning

Proposed System

We analyze the nature of Grid computing and identify its requirements for knowledge management. We further argue that an innovative and systematic approach to knowledge

Management on the Grid is required in order to help achieve the goal of the Grid.

Our contributions are three folds: First, we propose the Semantic Web-based approach to managing heterogeneous, distributed Grid resources for Grid applications. Second, we design architecture to realize the proposed approach and conceive a methodology which addresses the complete life cycle of knowledge management. Third, we apply the approach, concepts, and methodology to a real-world Grid application

Hardware Requirements :

  • RAM : 128 MD SD RAM
  • HARD DISK : 20 GB
  • FLOPPY DRIVE : 1.44 MB
  • CDDRIVE : LG 52X

Software Requirements :

  • Operating system : windows 2000 professional
  • Environment : visual studio .net 2005
  • .net framework : version 2.0
  • Language : c#.net
  • Web technology : active server pages.net
  • Web server : internet information server 5.0
  • Reports : web form data grid control
  • Back end : sql-server 2000





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