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Published on Nov 30, 2023


Now a days we are spending a lot to send messages and other information's to our bellowed ones. "Webmobic" is one of the solutions for this situation. Through this website we can save our money up to a level.

"Webmobic" is an online website for sending messages between friend and our bellowed ones. There is a huge data base of SMS and other related quotes. Through this website we can send SMS to different mobile phones inside India . There is a facility to send group messages too.

It's not only a website for sending the messages but also we can use this website for downloading music and videos etc. There is a facility to download and upload files like music's and other related files also.

One of the other important facilities of this website is the discussion forum, where we can share ideas as well as can meet our friends as new people who are interested on the same topic or particular news.

Through this facility we can share our ideas as well as we can clear our doubts. There is a facility to send alerts like offers, different packages etc to users. We can use this facility as a marketing technique for giving publicity for different paid users or for different companies by admin of the website

Software Requirements:


Apache HTTP server 2.2

Hardware Requirements:


60 GB Hard Disk