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Published on Nov 30, 2023


Producing electricity from a speed breaker is a new concept that is under going research. The number of vehicles on road is increasing rapidly and if we convert some of the kinetic energy of these vehicle into the rotational motion of roller then we can produce considerable amount of electricity, this is the main concept of this project. In this project, a roller is fitted in between a speed breaker and some kind of a grip is provided on the speed breaker so that when a vehicle passes over speed breaker it rotates the roller.

This movement of roller is used to rotate the shaft of D.C. generator by the help of chain drive which is there to provide 1:5 speed ratios. As the shaft of D.C. generator rotates, it produces electricity.

This electricity is stored in a battery. Then the output of the battery is used to lighten the street lamps on the road. Now during daytime we don't need electricity for lightening the street lamps so we are using a control switch which is manually operated .The control switch is connected by wire to the output of the battery. The control switch has ON/OFF mechanism which allows the current to flow when needed.

A car or any heavy vehicle is coming with a speed of 100 mph on the road and passing over this roller which is fitted at the level of the road then this roller is gaining the speed nearly somewhere 90 mph (due to losses). So now suppose a cycle is coming with a speed of 20 mph and is going to pass this roller (which is moving at a speed of 90 mph) due to this difference in the speed there will be a collision that is the main reason for using this concept on the speed breaker

A control system for an AC excited synchronous machine for use in an electricity generator/motor system. The AC excited synchronous machine can be driven not only in a variable-speed operation based on 2-axis current control but also in a constant exciting frequency operation based on only direct-axis current component control.

A phase signal is switched to drive stably the AC excited synchronoius machine in a self-excited operation or in a rotary phase modifying operation. Further, when it is desired to start pumping-up water, a synchronizing power is provided to keep constant the rotational speed of the machine at the time of establishing a desired water pressure.

Electricity Generation from Speed Breaker

Because of the switching arrangement of the phase signal, the AC excited synchronous machine can be operated as an ordinary synchronous machine exhibiting ordinary synchronous characteristics, that is, self-excited operation characteristics, rotary phase modifying operation characteristics and pumping-up start characteristics. Even when the synchronous machine is cutoff from an AC power system and the voltage of the synchronous machine is abruptly changed, the stable self-excited operation of the machine can be realized