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Published on Nov 30, 2023


The ultimate aim of Auto Stop Motion for Spinning Mills project is to identify the thread cut at the power loom industries and to alert the persons so as to activate the process immediately


The main idea behind in our project is to identify the thread disconnection. In this project we make use of sensors for thread cut identification. The sensors, the machine stop circuit, EEPROM, key, the alarm, the LCD display are connected to the micro controller section.

This controlling section controls all the process. When the process is normal (i.e. no thread cut) the controlling section works properly, when any of the thread is disconnected there will be some current drop across the controlling section which means that thread is disconnected and machine control circuit automatically stop the process.

The alarm is turned ON to indicate the thread failure. The key is selected to clear the process. The indication is done by means of LCD. The machine idle time is stored in the EEPROM. By using this delay time we can identify the actual working status of the workers