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Published on Nov 30, 2023


Tanrox Work Force is time collection software that is streamlined for billing and invoicing purposes. Tanrox work force allows time tracking for customer and project related tasks. After being collected the data can then be exported for invoice generation.


This guide describes how to execute these activities using Tanrox work force interfaces.

In addition, section Getting started describes initial data setup up to the point when you are ready to start registering working time with Tanrox work force.

Section contents :


Submit time-track for the current week

Submit and modify time-track for the selected date/week

View time-track for a selected month

Delete reported time-track

Remove tasks from the Submit Time-Track interface

Overview :

Registration of time expenses consists of the following activities related to registering and managing your personal time expenses:

Submitting time-track

Viewing personal time-track

Modifying personal time-track

Deleting personal time-track

Time-track is Tanrox work force's term used to refer to working time submitted and stored in the system.

To access the interfaces for submission of time-track use the top-level menu option 'Submit Time-track'. To access the interfaces for browsing the submitted time-track use the top-level menu option 'My Time-track'.

Users shall have the 'Submit Time-Track' access right to access interfaces for submission and browsing of time-track. Note that the users who do not have this right as well as user 'root' will not see these interfaces at all.

The interfaces for submission and management of personal time-track always show and store time tracked by the user who is currently logged in. To browse the time-track submitted by other users use the Staff output report (see section Generate staff output report).

Hardware Requirements:

Processor : Intel P-III based system

Processor Speed : 250 MHz to 833MHz

RAM : 64MB to 256MB

Hard Disk : 2GB to 30GB

Software Requirements:

Language : Java

Web Components : Html, Jsp

Control Components : Servlets

Framework : Struts

Scripting Language : JavaScript

Web Server : Tomcat

Database (Back End) : MySQL