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Published on Nov 30, 2023


The existing technology is connect to Internet and chat with friends in the particular room. By using Multi User Chat System application the people are chatting with friends in the network area (LAN) by using intranet mailing . This will work under any operating system.

Multi User Chat System uses the Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT); this AWT is used for designing the application like creating scrollbars, button layouts. Swings are used for creating list controls, buttons, labels, tree controls, table controls. Applet s are used to provide the standard interface between the applet and the browser environment.

A network socket is a lot like an electrical socket. Various plugs around the network have a standard way of delivering their payload. Anything that understands the standard protocol can "plug in" to the socket and communicate. In socket programming uses the client socket and server socket methods to connecting the local host to the named host and port. The Server socket class is used to create servers that listen for either local or remote client programs to connect to them on published ports.

Proposal System

In earlier days, when communication has to take place between 2 or three people communication occurred only through telephones or through letters. But it is time taking way of communicating with people and also costlier way of communicating with each other. By using this application the people are chatting with friends in the network area (LAN) by using intranet mailing.


Technologies : Core Java.

Operating System : Windows 2000 Prof/XP


Processor : Intel Pentium based system

Hard Disk : 5 GB

RAM : 128 MB

Monitor Make : HP