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Published on Nov 30, 2023


The main objective of this proposed system is to online all the activities of a bank The Basic purpose of this project is to generate barcode Library using dot net techonolgies, by implementing different type of algorithm. It supports number of barcode formats and this application can be use and enhanced for whatever reason you like. These barcodes contain encoded authenticated information, which gives a unique identity to any product, and provide a security labels


Operating System : Windows 2000/xp

Languages : java 2(EJB2.0, JDBC, JSP, Servlet, Java Mail)

Front End : HTML, JavaScript

Platform : J2EE

Web Servers : Web Logic8.1/Tomcat 5.0

Backend : My SQL

Browser Program : Internet explorer/Mozilla Fireworks


Processor : Pentium III/AMD Athlone XP

RAM : 128 MB

Hard disk : 20 GB

FDD : 1.44MB

Monitor : 14 inch

Mouse : 3 Button scroll

CD Drive : 52 X

Keyboard : 108 keys