Temperature Monitoring System


To monitor the temperature reading and maintain temperature of a device by utilizing cooling fan.


This projects is divided into 3 – units,
1) Microcontroller
2) A/D Conversion
3) Sensing Unit
4) Display Unit

Both Celsius or Fahrenheit supported...

1) Microcontroller:

Which is the core of this project, here we are utilizing PIC 16F877A microcontroller. This detects the ADC data and calibrates the values and control the cooling fan.

2) A/D Conversion:

This part is taking control of getting the temperature analog values to programmable digital signals.

3) Sensing Unit:

This section is having the temperature sensor to sense the temperature level in the device.

4) Display Unit:

The temperature levels in the device are displayed through display unit (LCD).

Over view of projects:

In this project temperature is maintained for device by utilizing cooling fan. Temperature of the device is sensed by the temperature sensor and the sensed equivalent analog temperature value is given to the ADC section of the microcontroller the ADC value is analyzed. If the maintained temperature value is out of range then motor driver drives the cooling fan to maintain temperature in range.

Temperature Calibration

The temperature sensor is typically accurate to within 2ºC before calibration. To improve accuracy, you will need an extension cable between the circuit board and the sensor as well as ice-water slurry. Place the sensor in the slurry and measure its output voltage using a voltmeter. Use the measured value in the following correction factor:

K=2.73/measured value

Multiply your raw A/D readings by this correction factor to improve the precision of your temperature measurements

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