Path Finding And Mapping System


This system is used to find the path and measure the distance of the place. This system is divided into two different modules,
1) PC with data base communication
2) GSM – Fbus protocol for SMS communication


This system is divided into three modules,
1) GSM- Fbus protocols,
2) Path mapping
3) Control and Display unit

It will sends all detail of our path mapping to all customers, The customer has to send the SMS to current place name, and Where you want to go. This system will detect and auto reply to distance of the place, bus number and angle of the place also.

This communication will under the Fbus protocol using SMS protocols. The all details will pre-store in I2C EEPROM in I2C protocols using Real time.

LCD Display:

1) GSM Path Finding System
2) Sending message
3) Receiving Message
4) Wait for Message
5) Successfully Send
6) Received
7) Enter Source Place Name
8) Enter Destination Place Name
9) Distance
10) Angle
11) Bus Number
12) Time

4.I/O Control System:

1) I/O port Communication
2) RS232 Communication
3) I2C Communication
4) 4X4 Keypad Communication
5) RF 4 bit Data Communication

5. Data Base:

1) Source Name
2) Enter Source Place Name
3) Enter Destination Place Name
4) Distance
5) Angle
6) Bus Number
7) Time

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