Highway Alert lamp


The project that we have done here can be used for safe highway driving. The lamp automatically emits brilliant tri-colourlight when a vehicle approaches the rear side of the vehicle.And turns off when the approaching vehicle overtakes.
This Ultra-bright blue yellow and redheads of the signal alert lampemits very bright light to alert vehicle's driver even during daytime,giving additional safety during night or when we need to stop our vehicle on the side of the highway.The circuit saves considerable battery power. 12v DC supple to the circuit can be provided by the car battery with proper polarity.


High way alert signal lamp is used in vehicles for safe highway driving. The lamp automatically emits the brilliant tricolour light when a vehicle approaches the rear side of the vechile and alerts the driver by this indication about the approach of the vehicle from behind.l2v DC supply to the Circuit can be provided by car battery with proper polarity.




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