GSM Petrol Reader Systems


This machine is used to read the data from reader machine and send to integrator, the integrator is communicating to PC using RF(wireless) communication and all four reader machines are communicate to integrator. This system is used to secure the petrol quantity with a entered time.

This system having reader, integrator and PC using mobile module. Reader transmit the data(petrol qty) And send to integrator IC then to RS232 to PC. If any to send the message to PC to read the data’s using mobile. The Systems Consists of Three Modules:

The First Module contains:
1. Embedded Reader
2. PC (driver) with mobile unit
3. GUI and Data Base in PC

1. Embedded Reader

We receive the data from the Reader Machine and store it in Embedded Reader of Data logger. Then send to Embedded Integrator System it will send the data to PC. All the dat will stored it in data base in the PC. We can retrive the data at any time through mobile using mobile communication protocol.

1. H/W Design of Reader
2. S/W Design of Reader
Linking and Testing

2. PC

It consists of RS232 communication.
a) Driver Design
b) GUI
c) Database
d) Mobile protocol

To receive the data from the Embedded Reader Machine through RF Communication using Scheduling method (RTS) to send to PC through RS232 Communication. The protocols of RS232 & mobile communication is to maintain the Serial communication of reader and PC, then stored it in Database Using wireless.

3. GUI and Data Base in PC

We received the data from the Embedded Reader systems and stored it in Data base



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