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GSM Digital Security Systems for Printer

Published on Nov 30, 2023


This system will provide perfect security system for printers in an organization, which uses printers efficiently and security of data. To Secure and maintains the count Printing of printer and login for PC using GSM Cotrol. The Owner can activate the printer or PC Through remote GSM SMS control Using Mobile Communication.


This system involves to Reading the Data from PC and sends the data to Embedded Security kit, this kit will sends the data to mobile using GSM.

This System is divided into two different modules,

1) PC and printer control Unit

2) GSM with microcontroller unit

1) PC and printer control and GSM with Microcontroller Unit

This Micro control unit is connected to RF receiver unit with help of GSM and PC Unit.This System is used to Read the printing statement from printer and send it to the Microcontroller through RS232 Communication the micro controller sends message to the owner mobile using IEEE standard Fbus GSM Protocol using wireless communication. If the owner will accept the message ie) ok to reply then the process will activate or will drop.

2. Process of this System:

1. Before connecting the printer with the PC, check for the presence of controller kit.

2. If the controller kit is connected to the PC, then start the printing process.

3. Keep on tracking the presence of the controller kit in the PC for every execution, In case of the absence of the controller kit, immediately terminate the connection between PC and printer.

4. After following all the above three steps, then go for the status of the printing process.

5. Collect all the information (time, number of copies, and number of success) about the printing processes, in such a way that it can be retrieved at any time.

6. When any other misused the PC password the PC will ask the permission from owner through mobilecommunication else the will get shutdown automatically.

7. Establish a connection between GSM modem and with the phone by means of a message.

8. Type Username and Password and give the input to the controller (date, time).

9. If the authentication is successful then required information is replied back to the mobile phone otherwise terminate the connection.

3. Advantages and feature:

1) To secure the printing

2) To secure the data through PC password protection

3) Use any office, home and any Screen printing

4) Less cost

5) IEEE standard Protocol Design

6) This core concept will use any security applications for security system