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An Automatic Mobile Recharger Station

Published on Nov 30, 2023


Now a days near about each man uses a mobile phone so the recharge this mobile phones is a most important task. We are trying to achieve a automatic mobile recharger machine which provides a 24 hour services without inter furnace or need of man. In our daily life we are recharge our mobile phone manually, that's why we should go to there shop / agencies, also these type of easy recharges are not available for 24hrs, also on long root or Expressways.

An automatic Mobile charger is one of the easiest ways to recharge our mobile anytime, anywhere. In this an Automatic mobile recharge the concept is that the person who want to recharge his mobile within a short time, simply enter the amount in the form of Note & connect his mobile through the cord then he will get corresponding balance of that particular amount within a minute in the form of text massage on his mobile screen.

Another advantage of this system is that one can recharge mobile without having any type of Bank accounts, ATM, VISA etc. This type of recharge is very easy in aspect to handle it. It can be easily handle by illiterate person also because of simplicity in its handling.

Automatic Mobile Recharger Station

The above shown block diagram is tentatively requiring blocks in this mainly used block is money detector, then SIM detector with USB cables, these cables are used to connect the mobile with system. Also this SIM detector is connected with direct SIM insertion block it is most important block also it contain one block of transmitter and receiver.

In which the main block of this block diagram is money detector. In which specific note / rupees will exactly checked, verified and also it will be count amount by that particular person. In INDIAN currency there are Rs10, Rs20, Rs50, Rs100, and Rs500& Rs1000's note s are available heaving different length and different width of the note is contain the silver strip heaving different length & width so with the help of sensor it will detect the silver strip, then with the help of software it will directly detect this particular inserted note/currency, simultaneously we must connect our mobile phones through the USB cables to detect the

SIM's unique ID /mobile no. and when the inserted amount will exactly detect by money detector then at that time massage will be transmitted to the server. Then it will recharge your mobile with prospective amount provided by that particular company. If available USB cables will not be match with your mobile then there is alternate method to recharge your mobile. In this method the particular user should be insert his SIM in direct SIM insertion slot which will detect the SIM's unique ID /mobile no.

Automatic Mobile Recharger Station


• User can not recharge with ODD amount.

• User can not use more than single note at a time.


• For automatic mobile recharge.

Methodology of this Project:

• GSM (Fbus Protocol)

• IR - 38KHZ

• Image Processing in Mat lab

• PC RS232 Communication