Appliances Security Controller Using Power Line


This project named "Appliances Security Controller using Power line " is a useful device to control various loads, including variable load using power line as the medium. Power line Carrier Communication (PLC) is the technology behind the project. Power line Carrier (PLC) is a communication technique that uses the existing power wiring (120 Volts, 240, etc) to carry information. It is kind of "wireless" means of communication, because PLC technology can supersede the installation of dedicated wiring in some applications.

The main importance is that we can implement this type of project in our homes with minimal installation and can control various devices through a keypad. We can control any number of loads such as motor, TV, Fan, Refrigerator etc., at a distant location via computer interfaced with a power-line transmitter section. There is another option to send voice signals from transmitter section.

1.It can control multiple load (on/off/status each load)
2.It provides you feedback when the circuit is in energized state and also sends an acknowledgement indicating action with respect to the switching on of each load and switching off of all loads (together).

It can selectively switch on any one or more loads one after the other and switch off all loads simultaneously.



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