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Published on Nov 30, 2023


This system is used to find the accident of each vehicle and read the status from vehicle through Sensors then send to PC using wireless Communication.


This Accident Monitoring system having two different modules,
1) GSM Read Status of each vehicle
2) PC -GSM Monitoring System

1. GSM Read Status of each vehicle

This is divided into two different modules,
a) GSM Display module
b) Sensing module

2. GSM – PC

1) Serial Communication (RS232)
2) GSM Microcontroller

This system is used to read and control the data from all vehicles. Then for each day all data’s are sending into Remote office PC via GSM communication. The PC will receive all data and display on the screen using C.


You can get all vehicle status from your mobile. Vehicle Number, Time of accident,


 vehicle number
 Status sensor
 Fbus:
o Call info Display
GSM Based Accident Sensing Systems


Advantage of these Systems:

1) Automation of all machine through remote place using mobile

2) Save Energy using automatic control systems

3) Less cost to communicate

4) Less power to automate

5) Increase productivity

6) To increase n number of machines can automate.

Feature of these system:

1) To automate machine error testing and debugging through mobile via SMS Communication.
2) Secure this system through GSM technologies.