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Published on Nov 30, 2023


The Mobile advertiser is the best way to develop business or services quickly and easily. While other advertising mediums such as television, radio, and the Internet present performance challenges , mobile advertising presents performance opportunities .

Mobile users view their mobile content in downtime while at home, traveling, in a meeting, or waiting for an appointment. Therefore users are less likely to be distracted or involved with other tasks as opposed to television, radio, and the Internet, etc., where multitasking is so common.

So companies are interested to give advertisements to mobile. Our system is a one of the best tool to fulfill this task. In our system companies & users can register their details.

After registration of company they can compose their advertisements to send message to the users on a particular date. This system can search the composed messages to the current date and sends to the users. If user receives messages then user can earn money from the Mobile Advertiser. Advertiser can send composed messages to the users group simultaneously and this project can allow users & company registrations by their mobile

Features of System

Web Based Messaging System

Quick & Easy Way To Send SMS

Group & Individual Advertisements

Advanced Reporting And Analytics

Hardware Requirements :

Processor : Pentium IV

RAM : 256MB

HD space : 40GB

Software Requirements :

Os : Windows 2000 Or Windows Xp

Language : Visual Studio 2.0

Database : Sql Server 2k

With Mobile 3 Party Tool