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Published on Nov 30, 2023


Diamond Web-Hosting is a fictitious Web-based catalog sales site. Users can browse the catalog, add items to their personal shopping cart, and when they've finished shopping, check out and finalize the sale. (Naturally, all orders are fictitious -- order information is tracked to illustrate part of the sample, but there is no real time transaction.

To purchase items, users must be registered as authenticated users by providing account information: an email address and password.

Users can also print custom reports and tags, depending on the orders they have booked which appears under the Order Details tab, as and when the user has been authenticated and are then authorized to access the website in full, the reporting techniques have been implemented using Business Objects Crystal Reports 10

Application Architecture

Front End:

The base UI of the Diamond Web-Hosting is created using ASP.NET web pages (.aspx files). Reusable UI widgets, such as the navigation menus, are implemented as ASP.NET user controls (.ascx files). User controls are also used to create dynamic page content, such as the list of most popular items.


The data for the Diamond Web-Hosting is stored in a SQL Server database, and accessed via stored procedures. The ADO.NET database code to access these stored procedures is then encapsulated in a component layer.

Hardware Requirements :

Intel Celeron/ PIII / P4 600 MHz or above.

RAM (SD/DDR): 128MB or above.

Hard Disc: 10GB or above

Software Requirements :

Operating System : Windows 2000 Server/Professional or Above.

Framework: . Net 2002 Frame Work or Above.

Languages: ASP.Net

Data Base: SQL Server.

WEB Server: IIS 5.0 OR Above