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Published on Nov 30, 2023


The project titled "campus Selection System" aims at developing a system which will automate the functioning of the HR Department of Sierra Atlantic Limited . This project automates the selection process activities that the HR Department has to perform prior to and after the actual act of selecting the employees. These activities constitutes tasks like Capture Eligible Student details.

Maintain individual Student record.

Maintain Section wise Student details.

Evaluating Student performance.

Conducting the On-Line Text.

Generating random ID for each student which is unique.

Making only eligible Students to take the test.

Allow online registrations for the On-Line Selection Test.

Allow online requests and support for the examination.

Data updating facilities through a password based system.

Creating Database.

Inserting Questions into the Database.

Recovering/Saving the database.

Providing proper Technical Assistance to the User.

Generating desired reports.

Providing On-Line Help

Proposed System:

The security aspect for providing access to the various modules is very important since the project is online and can be accessed by anybody. Hence an elaborate system of has been put in place. The HR Director who has all the powers and permissions is allowed to create new users. These users can access the database. They can create, modify or even delete the database objects. They send the call letters and selection letters to eligible candidates.

The aspect of testing and implementation was also a very important phase. The user needed to be educated about the various facilities available and how best these can be used; the HR Director for one has to be completely familiar with the system. A restricted system of online help has been designed to help the user while he/she uses the system


English Test.

Aptitude Test.

Technical Test.

Psychometric Test.




Intel Celeron (p3/p4) : 600 MHz or Above.

RAM (SD/DDR) : 256MB or above.

Hard Disc : 10GB or above


Operating System : Windows 2000 Server/Professional or Above.

Framework : . Net Framework 2.0.

Languages : ASP. Net, C#

Data Base : SQL Server 2005

WEB Server : IIS 5.0 OR Above