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Published on Nov 30, 2023


The objective of TV Shows project is to provide an efficient and user friendly interface to the channel employees to conduct TV shows in an easy manner.

The biggest hits of this year are the reality shows in every television channel. They overshadowed the soaps which appeared impossible until last year. It is quite interesting how the backend procedure goes on, how the talented participants are found. The general procedure is to adventure it in the channels or newspapers and call all the participants and test their skills personally. The main disadvantage of this procedure is, it is time consuming, costly as we need to spend money just for informing about the event.

The current project gives the best alternatives as it is very cheap and approachable by all. Participants can send their songs or videos online and evaluation can be done online itself. We get more options like rating by the public and view it for entertainment. Even discussions and suggestions to the participants can be done.

Modules: Admin, Audio/Video Manipulation, TV Guide, User


In Propose System, we are going to overcome the problems of the existing system.

The investment in conducting and marketing the Event in a news channel or television program is a very expensive, but by making the auditions in online, there are several advantages to the artists, users. They are:

• Artist can upload his works as photos or videos personally.

• User can access the System from anywhere of world through internet.

• Expense for publicity of events is reduced, as website is the easy and less expensive to canvas the Events.

Fiscal problems are resolved mostly when compared with existing system

Hardware Requirements :


80GB Hard Disk

XP Operating System

Software Requirements :

Microsoft framework 2.0.

Microsoft C# language.

Visual Studio 2005 IDE.

Microsoft SQL 2000.

Internet Information Services (IIS).

Microsoft ASP.Net 2.0.

Ajax Control Tool kit.