In this page, you can find Internships for Biomedical Engineering Students and Biomedical Engineering and Technology Projects Abstract or Synopsis for Final Year BioMed Students for the year 2013 in PPT, PDF and Doc Format.  

Internships for Biomedical Engineering Students

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Accident Avoidance Systems in Blind Carvel

Now a days train accidents are occurring frequently in India. The one of the main reason for train accident is the traveling of two trains in same track in opposite direction. In order to avoid the accidents in the blind carvel area due to the above reason we have designed this project. It is carried over in embedded system with the help of 8051 microcontroller ir transmitter and receiver. It identifies the status of each .........>>>>Read More


Heartbeat Classification Using Feature Selection

In this paper, we studied and validated a simple heart beat classifier based on ECG feature models selected with the focus on an improved generalization capability. We considered features from the RR series, as well as features computed from the ECG samples and different scales of the wavelet transform, at both avail able leads. The classification performance and generalization were studied using publicly available databases: the MIT-BIH Arrhythmia,.........>>>>Read More



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