In this page, you can find Biomedical Engineering Projects High School and Biomedical Engineering and Technology Projects Abstract or Synopsis for Final Year BioMed Students for the year 2013 in PPT, PDF and Doc Format.  

Biomedical Engineering Projects High School

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Real Time Study of Urine Flow Analysis

This project deals with design and fabrication of a pc interfaceable. Real- time study of urineflow analysis by using uroflowmetry. It is a microcontroller based system. The instrument is programmed using 8051.Uroflowmetry is a non-invasive screening test used to measure the flow of urine during urination.The speed of urine flow is measured electronically and the flow is calculated.......>>>>Read More


Study of the Expression of Green Fluorescent Protein

The objective of this project is the study of the expression of green fluorescent protein cdna in escherichia coli hb101 using puc 18 vector. Recombinant DNA technology is the isolation of a specific DNA segment and its insertion into another DNA molecule at a desired position. The product thus obtained is termed as recombinant DNA and this technique is also known as Genetic Engineering........>>>>Read More



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