In this page, you can find Biomedical Engineering Project Ideas Topics and Biomedical Engineering and Technology Projects Abstract or Synopsis for Final Year BioMed Students for the year 2013 in PPT, PDF and Doc Format.  

Biomedical Engineering Project Ideas Topics

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Zigbee Based Patient Analysing System with WAP

This project is used to scan the complete parameters of a person in an ICU ward through Zigbee Technology. The name "ZigBee" is derived from the erratic zigging patterns many bees make between flowers when collecting pollen. This is evocative of the invisible webs of connections existing in a fully wireless environment.. ZigBee is the name of a specification for a suite of high level communication protocols.......>>>>Read More



Low Cost Solar ECG with Bluetooth Transmitter

The Electrocardiograph (ECG) is a diagnostic instrument which measures the electrical activity of the heart, providing valuable information of cardiac disorders like infarction, Atherosclerosis, etc. ECG instruments used in hospitals are bulky, work on line voltage which makes the ECG waveform distorted and an isolation amplifier is needed for patient's safety making it expensive.......>>>>Read More



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