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The most important challenge facing car manufacturers today is to offer vehicles that deliver excellent fuel efficiency and superb performance while maintaining cleaner emissions and driving comfort. This paper deals with   i-VTEC(intelligent-Variable valve Timing and lift Electronic Control) engine technology which is one of the advanced technology in the IC engine. i-VTEC is the new trend in Honda's latest large capacity four cylinder petrol engine family. The name is derived from 'intelligent' combustion control technologies that match outstanding fuel economy, cleaner emissions and reduced weight with high output and greatly improved torque characteristics in all speed range.................................>>>>>>Read More

Micro Air Vehicles

Micro air vehicles are either fixed-wing aircraft , rotary-wing aircraft ( helicopter ), or flapping-wing (of which the ornithopter is a subset) designs; with each being used for different purposes. Fixed-wing craft require higher, forward flight speeds to stay airborne, and are therefore able to cover longer distances; however they are unable to effectively manoeuvre inside structures such as buildings. Rotary-wing designs allow the craft to hover and move in any direction, at the cost of requiring closer proximity for launch and recovery. Flapping-wing-powered flight has yet to reach the same level of maturity as fixed-wing and rotary-wing designs. ...........................>>>> Read More

Pistonless Pump

Nearly all of the hardware in this pump consists of pressure vessels, so the weight is low.There are less than 10 moving parts , and no lubrication issues which might cause problems with other pumps. The design and constr. Of this pump is st, forward and no precision parts are required .This device has advantage over standard turbopumps in that the wt. is about the same, the unit,engg.and test costs are less and the chance for catastrophic failure is less.This pump has the advantage over pressure fed designs in that the wt. of the complete rocket is much less, and the rocket is much safer because the tanks of rocket fuel do not need to be at high pressure.............>>>> Read More

Mobile Robotic System

Mobile robots are the objects which move around in their environment and are not fixed to one physical location. They consist of instrument panels like LASER scanners, monocular cameras and RFID devices for sensing the terrain.They can be controlled by Bluetooth, wireless network of pc, a wireless remote control microcontroller, etc. They are used for reasons like security, maintenance, industrial transports, in military, etc. Mobile robots are the focus of a great deal of current research and almost every major university has one or more labs that focus on mobile robot research. Mobile robots are also found in industry, military and security environments. ......................>>>> Read More

Air Brake System Of Indian Railways

The most vital factor in the running and control of any vehicle whether it is a cycle, scooter, car, bus, or train is the breaking system. In order slow down the moving vehicle in a shorter possible time, the energy of motion possessed by vehicle must be converted in to other forms. During break application in any vehicle the energy of motion is converted in to heat. This u might have noticed at the rim when you apply brakes repeatedly at short intervals. Brake is an arrangement provided in the vehicle for slowing down or bringing to rest a moving vehicle in the shortest possible distance.........>>>>Read More



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