Electrical Seminar Topics for Electrical Engineering

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Iontophoresis is an effective and painless method of delivering medication to a localized tissue area by applying electrical current to a solution of the medication. The delivered dose depends on the current flowing and its duration. Iontophoresis is a recognized therapeutic method for delivering ionic compounds, i.e. drugs, into and through the skin by applying electrical current. It has proven to be a beneficial treatment for many localized skin disorders such as; nail diseases........>>>>Read More


The Universal Current Sensor

Conventional sensors are physically large and technically complex; also they have disadvantages as stated above. Hence they are replaced by magnetoresistive current sensors. The magnetic field sensors are based on the magnetoresistive effect. These sensors can be easily fabricated by means of thin film technologies wit widths and lengths in the micrometer range. To reduce temperature dependence, they are usually configured as a half bridge or a full bridge. ........>>>>Read More


Thermomechanical Data Storage

Thermomechanical writing is a combination of applying a local force by the cantilever/tip to the polymer layer, and softening it by local heating. Initially, the heat transfer from the tip to the polymer through the small contact area is very poor and improves as the contact area increases. This means the tip must be heated to a relatively high temperature (about 400oC) to initiate the softening. Once softening has commenced, the tip is pressed into the polymer, ........>>>>Read More


Human-Robot Interaction

For face detection, a method originally developed by Viola and Jones for object detection is adopted. Their approach uses a cascade of simple rectangular features that allows a very efficient binary classification of image windows into either the face or non face class. This classification step is executed for different window positions and different scales to scan the com­plete image for faces. ........>>>>Read More



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Title : Thesis Topics, Reports, PDF and PPT For Electrical and Electronics Engineering

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