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Robotic control Using Fuzzy Logic

Fuzzy logic is another class of AI, but its history and applications are more recent than those of the expert systems (ES). According to George Boole, human thinking and decisions are based on "Yes / No" reasoning or "1 / 0 " logic. According to Boolean logic developed and expert system principles were formatted based on Boolean logic. It has been argued that human thinking does not always follow crisp "Yes / No " logic, but is often vague, quantitative, uncertain, imprecise or fuzzy in nature..........>>>>Read More


Robotic Monitoring of Power Systems

Generally speaking, the mobile monitoring of power systems involves the following issues: SENSOR FUSION: The aging of power cables begins long before the cable actually fails. There are several external phenomena indicating ongoing aging problems including partial discharges, hot spots, mechanical cracks and changes of insulation dielectric properties. These phenomena can be used to locate the position of the deteriorating cables and estimate the remaining lifetime of these cables. ........>>>>Read More


Snake Robot

Often a hole is bored into the obstructing walls if a void is suspected to exist on the other side. Thermal imaging is also used. This is especially useful in finding warm bodies that have been coated with dust and debris effectively camouflaging the victim. The listening devices are highly sensitive microphones that can listen for a person who may be moving or attempting to respond to rescuers calls. This hole process can take many hours to search one building. If a person is found extrication can take even longer. ........>>>>Read More


Surge current protection using superconductors

Super conductors because of their sharp transition from zero resistance at normal currents to finite resistance at higher current densities are tailor made for use in fault current limiters. Equipped with proper power controlled electronics, a super conducting limiter can rapidly detect a surge and taken and can also immediately recover to normal operation after a fault is cleared. Superconductors lose their electrical resistance below certain critical values of temperature,........>>>>Read More



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Title : Thesis Topics, Reports, PDF and PPT For Electrical and Electronics Engineering

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