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VLSI Projects for Students PPT


Design of Control Area Network Protocol

Controller Area Network (CAN) was initially created by German automotive system supplier Robert Bosch in the mid-1980s for automotive applications as a method for enabling robust serial communication. The goal was to make automobiles more reliable, safe and fuel-efficient while decreasing wiring harness weight and complexity. Since its inception, the CAN protocol has gained widespread popularity in industrial automation and automotive/truck applications......>>>>Read More


Design of On-Chip Bus with OCP Interface

The Open Core Protocol (OCP) is a core centric protocol which defines a high-performance, bus-independent interface between IP cores that reduces design time, design risk, and manufacturing costs for SOC designs. Main property of OCP is that it can be configured with respect to the application required. The OCP is chosen because of its advanced supporting features such as configurable sideband control signaling and test harness signals, when compared to other core protocols. The OCP defines a point-to-point interface between two communicating entities.....>>>>Read More


Design of Phelix Algorithm

Securing data in transmission is the most common real-life cryptographic problem. Basic security services require both encryption and authentication.Thisis almost always done using a symmetric cipher —public-key systems are only used to set up symmetric keys—and a Message Authentication Code (MAC).The AES process provided a number of very good block cipher designs, as well as a new block cipher standard. The cryptographic community learned a lot during the selection process .....>>>>Read More



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