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VLSI Projects List PPT Download


Cyclic Redundancy Checker Generator

The Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) is a technique for detecting errors in digital data, but not for making corrections when errors are detected. It is used primarily in data transmission. In the CRC method, a certain number of check bits, often called a checksum, are appended to the message being transmitted. The receiver can determine whether or not the check bits agree with the data, to ascertain with a certain degree of probability whether or not an error occurred in transmission. If an error occurred, the receiver sends a “negative acknowledgement.....>>>>Read More


Design of Data Encryption Standard (DES) for Data Encryption

In cryptographic terminology, the message is called plaintext or cleartext. Encoding the contents of the message in such a way that hides the contents from outsiders is called encryption. The encrypted message is called ciphertext. The process of retrieving the plaintext from the ciphertext is called decryption. Encryption and decryption usually make use of a key and the coding method is such that the decryption can be performed only by knowing the proper key. The method of encryption and decryption is called cipher. .....>>>>Read More


DDR3 Based Lookup Circuit for High Performance Network Processing

Double Data Rate (DDR) SDRAMs have been prevalent in the PC memory market in recent years and are widely used for networking systems. These memory devices are rapidly developing, with high density, high memory bandwidth and low device cost. However, because of the high-speed interface technology and complex instruction-based memory access control, a specific purpose memory controller is necessary for optimizing the memory access trade off. In this paper, a specific purpose DDR3.....>>>>Read More



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