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Latest Projects in Mechanical Engineering


Frictionless Electromagnetic Braking System

The braking system of a car is undoubtedly one of its more important feature. The aim of this work is to create a better braking system. The purpose is to replace existing hydraulic systems with an electro mechanical alternative to improve performance, controllability and to provide more environmentally and friendly solution.........>>>>Read More


Conveyer for Quality Control

Now a days, quality control plays a vital role in all the industries. Here is a project check the quality of the product automatically. It is very essential in the industry to find the good and bad quality products as soon as possible to reduce the time consuming of the production. Here we are using a load sensor to check the weight of the product. The good and bad products are separated through the motor control........>>>>Read More


Compressed Air Production Using Vehicle Suspension

In this project we are collecting air cylinder and store this energy to the compressor tank as non-conventional method by simply driving the vehicle. Non-conventional energy system is very essential at this time to our nation. Compressed air production using vehicle suspensor needs no fuel input power to produce the output of the air. For this project the conversion of the force energy in to air. ........>>>>Read More



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