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Java Project Title Mini Project


A mobile healthcare system consists of a number of components networked together including patients and their healthcare providers. It is important in this type of system for the patient to remain connected at all times even if one of the communication components fails. This paper discusses the design of the MediNet system and shows how it seamlessly handles .....>>>>Read More


Tanrox Work Force is time collection software that is streamlined for billing and invoicing purposes. Tanrox work force allows time tracking for customer and project related tasks. After being collected the data can then be exported for invoice generation. This guide describes how to execute these activities using Tanrox work force interfaces. .....>>>>Read More


To develop an Android client for Twitter. User can sign up with Twitter from the client . User can log into Twitter (sign in) from the client . Twitter home page will be displayed on the client after logging in. The home page will have the tweets and facility to select (1) post a tweet, (2) view mentions (3) view .....>>>>Read More






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