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Computer Science Projects In Java| Small Java Projects


The tasks of a District Collector are becoming more tedious because of the growing number of people applying for everything to the collectorate office. The collector is the highest responsible officer who has to take care of everything in his district. As such, a software to assist his duties and automates most of the tasks of collectorate is highly appreciated. District collectorate management system is one such website which helps to improve the productivity.....>>>>Read More


Our group project of Orkut is a mini project, so we haven't included all the features that are present in the real Orkut, which most of the people use these days on the internet. We have included only basic features that help the users to communicate with each other (for chatting purpose). When user will run our project ORKUT ,then the first frame he will encounter is the 'orkut' homepage .....>>>>Read More


The main aim of this project is to provide the services to the users. ISP will provide the internet services to the users. Here we present an overview of the pieces you need to run an ISP and how these pieces come together to provide service to your users. We document the critical pieces for you, point to collections of useful tools. This section attempts to describe each module of the project in brief, and the detailed description of each of these modules is spread throughout this document......>>>>Read More







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