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The project titled “Employee Profile Management System“ is a Human resource management application that delivers effective employee data management and integrated directory services to lower the administrative costs associated with employee profile management. In the existing system, work flow notifications and leave request are not automated. Even for minor modifications such as personal information changes, employee has to request for administrator’s permission as the administrator has all the privileges to modify the employee’s information.

This system enables employees to perform their own profile maintenance and ensures that data changes comply with organization's requirements. It enables the automation of work flow notifications and leave request. Work flow notification from administrator are stored in the backend and notified to employee, once employee log in to the system. Leave request made by the employee is placed for administrator approval, the administrator module checks up with the leave availability and approves or rejects the request.

Input Requirements

The quality of system input determines the quality of system’s output. The system should accept valid inputs to ensure that the outputs that it generates are accurate and more reliable. The primary data that is required for the application are obtained from the master tables. The input should focus on the following aspects such as

  • Accuracy
  • Consistency
  • Reliability

Output Requirements
The output depends upon the quality of the input that was fed in and how well the application is able to process those input details and produce an accurate and consistent result. The primary input for this is the time period and employee record. The user has to select the particular operation with the particular employee record to view the desired result. The generated output will be in table format, the information is segregated by columns.

Software Requirements

The minimum software requirements needed for developing and implementing this application is as follows

  • Windows XP
    Visual Studio.NET Package
    Oracle / Access / SQL Server 2000

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