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Accounting Projects for Students

Future Prospects Of Broking Firm

Despite of various difficulties and limitations faced during my summer training project on the topic "Future Prospects Of Broking Firm", I have tried my level best to find out the most relevant information from the organization to complete the assignment that was given to me. After completion of my summer training project I gained lot of experiences in the field of securities market. I got the opportunity to deal with various people. This summer training project has given me the opportunity to have first experience in the corporate world. ......>>>>Read More


Responsibility Accounting

Responsibility Accounting collects and reports planned and actual accounting information about the inputs and outputs of responsibility centers".It is based on information pertaining to inputs and outputs. The resources utilized in an organization are physical in nature like quantities of materials consumed, hours of labour, etc., are called inputs. They are converted into a common denominator and expressed in monetary terms called "costs", for the purpose of managerial control. In a similar way, outputs are based on cost and revenue data. ......>>>>Read More


Financial Instruments

The various objectives of the study are 1) To study the various financial opportunities available for investment. 2) To study about the investors perception regarding various investment opportunities available in the market 3) To analyze the investment patterns of the investment. 4) To examine the investors changing behavior regarding various investment opportunities. The study is descriptive and analytical in nature. It is descriptive as it describes the existing financial instruments available in the market. It is analytical as it analyses the perception of the investors., NCR region have been taken as universe of the study. Convenient sampling technique is used and a sample of 100 investors has been taken for the purpose of the study.......>>>>Read More


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