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Latest Projects Electronics and Communication


Electric Bikes

The Electric bikes available & the conversion kits, which will be launched with in few months, are made of China and Taiwan. According to calculation these kit is two times power full and cost only 30% than any other. Another major reason is the air pollution by the IC engines. By introducing cheaper more efficient conversion kits usage of electric bikes will be increases so air pollution decreases. Sound pollution by the e-vehicles ...........>>>>>Read More


Efficient Coding Technique for Aerospace Telecommand system

The project had two phases. The first phase consisted of design and implementation of an encoder for vehicle destruction commands, using the technique of convolutional encoding. The second phase was a detailed study of turbo coding , the recent addition to vast arena of coding techniques. ...........>>>>>Read More


eBadge Using RFID With Biometrics

eBADGE USING RFID WITH BIOMETRICS is a personal identification system ,which allows a person to access a restricted area. The system becomes more secure with the addition of Fingerprint technology. The biometrics and RFID work in tandem, if a fingerprint scan does not match one that's stored, information from the integrated RFID tag will not be accessible............>>>>>Read More


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