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Final Year Projects for EEE in Power Electronics


A Bi-directional Visitors Counter

This counter can be used to know the number of visitors present in the room at any given time. It is useful for places such as movie halls, buldings and offices. To keep the cost low it uses simple calculator instead of a counter-and display circuit. The calculator can be used as a normal calculator is plugging it off from the circuit. All the components are readily available in market and the circuit is easy to build............>>>>>Read More


Design of Manchester Encoder-decoder in VHDL

VHDL is an acronym which stands for VHSIC Hardware Description Language. VHSIC is yet another acronym which stands for Very High Speed Integrated Circuits VHDL can wear many hats. It is being used for documentation, verification, and synthesis of large digital designs. This is actually one of the key features of VHDL, since the same VHDL code can theoretically achieve all three of these goals, thus saving a lot of effort............>>>>>Read More


CordleRead Moress Power Controller

Cordless Power Controller (CPC) is essentially a remote control implemented with the help of a cordless telephone. It has been developed as a standalone device as per the conventional DOT standards. Connecting CPC to the telephone line makes it possible to control lights, fans and other appliances of our home using our cordless phone............>>>>>Read More



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