In this page, you can find Electronics for You Mini Projects EFY and Electronics Projects in Embedded Systems based on IEEE for Final Year or Semester Electronics and Telecommunication ECE and Electrical Engineering EEE Students for the year 2013 in PDF DOC and PPT Format.

Electronics for You Mini Projects EFY


Integrated Photonic Microwave Band Pass Filter

An integrated photonic microwave bandpass filter has been demonstrated incorporating a coherently coupled microring resonator in low-loss polymers. The resonator was designed to have an extremely small bandwidth so that it could be used to selectively pass the optical signal carrying the microwave signal to attain efficient bandpass filtering. The demonstrated device may feature compact size, simple structure, ...........>>>>>Read More


Integrated Circuit Tester

A method and apparatus for verifying an integrated circuit device test for testing an integrated circuit device on an automated tester is presented. An integrated circuit device simulator simulates a flawed integrated circuit device that models one or more known flaws, or physical defects, in an assumed good integrated circuit device design. A tester simulator simulates the ...........>>>>>Read More


Analog To Digital Converter

A tunable analog-to-digital converter, which generates samples having, M-bits for use with an operating circuit. The operating circuit generates a first enable signal to instruct the analog-to-digital converter to turn on. Additionally, a sensor generates an analog signal in response to a condition. The tunable analog-to-digital converter includes a primary analog-to-digital converter that receives the analog signal...........>>>>>Read More


Hiding Of Host Image Using Cover Image

With the growing popularity of digital Medias through the World Wide Web, intellectual property needs copyright protection, prevention of illegal copying and verification of content integrity. The new data hiding techniques need to be developed that satisfy the requirements of imperceptibility, robustness, capacity, or data hiding rate and security of the hidden data etc. At this juncture, the data hiding technique of hiding a host image in a cover image is a very efficient and secured way to send and share the host image in a confidential manner without the knowledge of the unauthorized accesses that something ...........>>>>>Read More


Sensor Based Motion Control Of Mobile Car Robot

Now a day’s mobile robots are vastly used in many industries for performing different activities. Controlling a robot is generally done using a remote control which can control the robot to a fixed distance. This project aims at designing control system for a robot such that the mobile robot is controlled using mobile and wireless RF communication. In this project the controlling is done depending on the feed back provided by the IR sensor which is the part of object detection circuit............>>>>>Read More


On/Off Control And Data Communication Through Power Line

Power line communications (PLC) refers to the concept of transmitting information using the electrical power distribution network as a communication channel. This technology allows a flow of information through the same cabling that supplies electrical power. This novel idea of communication helps in bridging the gap existing between the electrical and communication network. It offers the prospect of being able to construct intelligent buildings, which contain many devices in a ...........>>>>>Read More


Robot Navigation Using Optical Odometry

Optical odometry is one in which the distance traveled is measured by optical means. Optical mouse consists of a single LED (Light Emitting Diode) which it bounces the light off the surface. It also has a very small camera which takes pictures of the surface. It scans the surface 1500 times a second. The digital signal processor receives the images that have been taken from the camera and analyses them for differences. It can pick up very fine differences in the pictures and from this it can determine how far the mouse has moved across your desk and at what speed. ...........>>>>>Read More


Remote Controlled Robotic Arm

To reduces the human efforts and in industries to increase efficiency, proficiency and the most important is to reduce the time. Nowadays a new technology of Robotics is used which can do a specific task. Robotics which is used in most of the developed countries like Germany , France , and Japan, USA, CHINA etc. These Robots are controlled with the remote. The Robot is programmed for the specific task. Every task of the robot is defined; stoppage timing of the robot and angle of rotation between the two places is defined by the servo motors. ...........>>>>>Read More


Wireless Advanced Flight Systems Aircraft Monitoring System

An update from the original ACS2002, the AF-2500 is a complete aircraft monitoring and data acquisition system designed for aircraft with 4 or 6 cylinder engines. More than simply an engine monitor, the AF-2500 provides aircraft monitoring functions, a complete fuel computer system, and completely customizable electronic checklists. Every engine instrument reading is continuously gathered, compared against user-configurable set points, and displayed on a sunlight readable, color Display. Unlike other systems, the display can be customized to the ...........>>>>>Read More



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